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As we begin the last full week of instruction there are some points regarding grading I wish to clarify.  Because I was on an extended medical leave of absence and only returned November 23, 2009, I feel serious consideration needs to be made to the grades currently in the gradebook.  I have told each of my classes that they have the opportunity to reestablish their grades, based on the completion of the work assigned from the time I returned until the close of the semester.  I will then calculate that grade, and I will calculate the grade they would have taking the entire semester into consideration.  The higher of the two grades will be reported.  So, every student has the opportunity to greatly improve his / her grade.


Applied Biology has had a notebook check and two quizzes since I have been back.  They have a very large project – a Virtual Insect Collection of 30 insects – due Monday, December 14th.  I have scheduled a significant amount of time in the school’s computer lab for them to work on this, and if they have applied themselves they should be able to have the project completed during regular class.  They will also have a comprehensive Final Exam next week.


Agriculture has finished presenting their Power Point presentations on Chicken Breeds and Uses, and those grades will be included.  In addition, they, too, have had a notebook check, one quiz with another one scheduled for Monday Dec. 7th.  We will have an extensive review of semester content so they will be prepared for their comprehensive Final Exam next week, too.


The need to study for the Final Exam is real.  A significant portion of the grade depends on it.


I am very glad to be back in the classroom, reestablishing old relationships with the Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors and developing new ones with the Freshmen.  I look forward to a wonderful Second Semester!
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